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Comic-Con Costumes for saleWill you stand out in the crowd at Comic-con or will you hopelessly blend in? Comic Con is all about creativity and imitating your favorite comic book or video game hero as accurately as possible. At Comic-Con Stuff we have a huge selection of Comic-Con Costumes for sale. Click on the categories on in the left side menu and pick your favorite character or use the search bar above to search for a comic-con costume that fits who you want to be at Comic-Con this year.

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Comics saved my life.

I can't imagine living in the "real world" with it's dull colors and the monotony of a day to day, paycheck to paycheck existence, without my library of comic books.

I remember when I was a little tyke in diapers... I think it was 5th grade maybe? My mom picked me up from school and stopped at dunkin donuts on the way home. Right next to the dunkin donuts was a comic shop with this amazing Spider-Man figurine in the window. It was a fantasy scene of Venom defeating Spider-Man. A decapitated Spider-Man lay on the ground with Venom standing victoriously above him with his masked head in hand.

Comic-Con Promotional ItemsFor the next 3 years, that store was mine. I didn't have any money (and sadly, I never attained that amazing statue) so I made buddy buddy with the clerk at the store (who for whatever reason, had an affinity for diaper clad, chubby 5th graders) and got to read all the comics I wanted. He even let me read the collectible ones on the top shelf like Detective Comics #27 and Amazing Fantasy #15 (I know you're jealous) I read those two so much in fact that Eric (the clerk) gave them to me. That day, I decided I should stop wearing diapers. And though there was protest from my younger brother who slept in the bottom bunk under me, I decided as a 7th grader that it'd be good switch.

A few years later I attended my first Comic Convention in New York and I'll tell ya, it was so exciting that I sorta wished I was still wearing diapers.

So why did I make this site? I've always searched the net for comic and superhero related stuff. My searches were generally fruitless and I wished there was one store that I could go to, to find all the comic and superhero related stuff out there. Thus I bring to you, a place to buy comics, posters, memorabilia, pins, action figures, costumes and soooooooooo much more.

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Joker Costume from Batman

We have a huge selection of Joker Costumes and Joker wigs, just like from the hit movie. There was nothing more intense and more creepy than the Joker in the latest Batman movie and we have located all the Joker cosplay you will need to make you the hit of the party.

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